Saturday, July 29, 2017

No Rough Edges on This Duo Team

No Rough Edges on This Duo Team

Caren & Victoria

 It is a typical Tuesday morning here at Pinkk Skies “headquarters”, Caren is at her kitchen table setting up and waiting on Victoria to arrive to begin on the current orders. There is every color of paint stack neatly in bin with only those pulled out that they will need today on the table. Paintbrushes of varies sizes, a palette wheel for each to hold their paint dollops and two cups of hot coffee all ready to go. In walks Victoria and after hugs to all, including the dog it’s down to business for these two.

Pinkk Skies is an Instagram only business that creates handcrafted custom personalized wooden block sets, picture blocks and ornaments.  They started 2 years ago when Caren made a block set for her daughter Allie and her other daughter Angel had posted it on her Instagram and received much positive feedback! So, Caren asked her friend Victoria, who is a painter, if she would be interested in joining her on this endeavor. Thanks to many repeat customers and the power of Instagram, here we are, two years later as they sit painting, laughing, and now drinking their second cup of coffee. When asked what was in their “coffee” they both responded, “wooden you like to know.” 😃

There are endless possibilities for creativity when you are starting with a blank piece of wood. “You will be amazed of how much detail you can fit onto these small wooden blocks,” Caren states. As I watch them both paint, I am amazed of the intricacy of the designs. When asked separately of what inspires them, each named the other which explains why these two create such beautiful art.

Pinkk Skies specializes in creating timeless handmade personalized gifts for nurseries, baby showers, wedding & baby countdowns. They also make excellent unique gift ideas for home decor, holidays, special occasions, ornaments, pet memorials, teacher gifts and anything your imagination can dream up.

Besides being super talented and fun, Pinkk Skies gives back. They donate to various auctions and fundraisers to help others. They have two of the biggest hearts and want to make a difference in the world by doing their part to help others.

Please shop their Instagram page and show Pinkk skies your support by following them. You can also email them any order at  

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